S6 JAGUAR - O WDXRF completo de bancada




Fluorescência de Raio-X (XRF)




Alimentar, Cosmética e Farmacêutica, Geologia e Minas, Investigação e Ensino, Petroquímico

O novo S6 JAGUAR WDXRF combina um excelente desempenho analítico para a análise elementar tendo por base tecnologia de ponta com um tamanho compacto. Oferece maior poder analítico com tempos de medição cerca de 50% menores do que qualquer outro instrumento compacto WDXRF. Com base no novíssimo detector HighSense XE, com a sua gama linear de mais de dois milhões de cps, proporciona uma precisão e precisão excelentes para o controlo de qualidade em laboratórios industriais.

 S6 JAGUAR EasyLoad — S6 JAGUAR EasyLoad ONLINE — S6 JAGUAR 15 Position XY changer





HighSense™ X-ray Power

400 W 50 kV max. 17 mA max.


Analytical Performance (better precision and detection limits), optimal heavy element analysis and best light element analysis with low kV, high mA at full power

Sample Sizes

Mask diameter: 34 mm standard Optional additional sample masks: 28 mm, 23 mm, 18 mm


Maximum intensity and analytical flexibility for different sample diameters

Primary beam filter

Automatic 5-position beam filter changer (optional) SampleCare™ tube protection


Better detection limits due to enhanced peak-to-background ratio Tube shield at sample loading

Analyzer crystals

XS-55* for F –Mg PET* for Al – Cl LiF200* for K – U Ge*, XS-Ge-C*, XS-400*, LiF220*


Analytical flexibility for the entire element range Enhanced performance


Proportional counter* HighSense XE* for Ti – Am


Optimal detection Linear range: 2 Mcps

Vacuum pump

Included, 265 mm x 180 mm x 489 mm


Low cost of operation

Helium purge



Liquid analysis


Intuitive user interface (optional) Free language selection


Failsafe operation and reduces operator training

Temperature control unit

Included, no additional chiller 466 mm x 190 mm x 630 mm


High analytical precision, better temperature stability

Power Supply

100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1 kVA


Standard wall plug


DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 CE certified  German type approval radiation < 1 μSv/h


S6 JAGUAR Manual


S6 JAGUAR  EasyLoad


S6 JAGUAR  15 Position XY changer

Manual sample loading

24-position XY-autochanger for 51.5 EasyLoad rings

22-position XY-autochanger for 51.5 EasyLoad rings

Autochanger for two-part sample cups

51 x 67 x 74 cm (height x width x depth);  132 kg

80 x 67 x 74 cm (height x width x depth);  147 kg

80 x 67 x 74 cm (height x width x depth);  147 kg

80 x 67 x 74 cm  (height x width x depth);  147 kg

 * optional packages


Universities and research institutions perform fundamental research on new materials and as such analytical instrumentation must deliver reliable data for element concentrations on a huge variety of samples. The S6 JAGUAR is based on WDXRF with high spectra resolution. With up to 4 analyzer crystals it covers almost the entire element range and its 5 position filter wheel helps to achieve better detection limits for trace element. The S6 JAGUAR is the versatile tool for researchers worldwide.


Cement & Building Materials

Cement is the most important construction material for buildings, roads and bridges. Engineers rely on the high strength, durability and resistance versus environmental impacts. The fast and accurate determination of the elemental composition by XRF of all materials involved in cement production is vital for successful product quality control matching ASTM C 114 criteria. The S6 JAGUAR delivers its outstanding analytical performance regarding precision and accuracy for raw materials, clinker and cement.


Food & Feed

Mineral concentrations are vital for every nutrition product: The quality of milk powder depends on its content of Na, Mg, Ca, Fe and Zn and the absence of hazardous elements. The growth of poultry or beef depends on the right composition of mineral supplements in fodder. The S6 JAGUAR analyzes easily the mineral composition of liquid or solid samples and is therefore the perfect tool for quality control in food and feed production.


Glass & Ceramics

From table ware and construction materials, from industry refractory materials to high performance ceramics in electronics, non-metallic oxide materials have a wide usage. The performance of a furnace lining or a ceramic insulator strongly depends on the elemental composition. The S6 JAGUAR with GEO-QUANT Basic analyzes raw materials, intermediates and final products. It can handle different sample sizes with the changeable collimator mask and is therefore a excellent tool even for final products.


Materials Research

Product development strongly depends on best knowledge about the material properties and the elemental composition is the most important one. Functional characteristics, resistance, strength and durability are determined by the purity. With its HighSense beam path, 400 W excitation power and the versatile goniometer the S6 JAGUAR can handle all different kind of materials in combination with high detection power. SMART-QUANT WD, the standardless software, enables the quick quantification of element concentrations w/o prior calibration work.


Metals & Slags

The analysis of slags in metal production is important to access the actual furnace conditions. High precision on light elements is vital for optimal steel production and the S6 JAGUAR WDXRF is setup to fulfill this requirement by combining ease-of-use, robustness and performance. For incoming inspection and quality control of metals the S6 JAGUAR supports automotive companies as well as other metal processing plants with its high analytical accuracy.


Minerals & Mining

The value of minerals and ores is determined by its elemental composition. This knowledge also helps to optimized the mining process and the mineral beneficiation. The S6 JAGUAR is perfectly suited for grade control of commodities, such as iron, nickel or copper ores, as well as sands, feldspars or limestone. 400 W power, high spectral resolution and optimal detection leads to high analytical precision and accuracy.


Petrochemistry & Fuels

The sulfur concentration in ultra-low sulfur automotive fuels (ULSD) following EPA Tier 3 or EURO V is analyzed according to ASTM D 2622 with WDXRF. The S6 JAGUAR with EasyLoad is the perfect fit: High performance even at trace level below 10 ppm, robustness with SampleCare and liquid sample recognition comes in handy. The analysis of additives in lubricating oils (ASTM D 6443) or in polymers is an easy job for the S6 JAGUAR and the result quality is outstanding. The S6 JAGUAR is the ideal analytical tool covering all applications upstream and downstream, from crude oil to final petrochemical products.


Pharma & Chemistry

Raw chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)and final products particularly underlie strict regulations, as to ensure the quality of resulting medications and other products. Research and product quality are both important applications in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. The S6 JAGUAR supports R&D with accurate elemental analysis no matter if this is in liquid or solid form. The standardless software SMART-QUANT WD enables the quick monitoring of raw materials and intermediates, dedicated calibrations deliver precise results for quality control.

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