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Com os amostradores de Flash Point MINIFLASH FLA e FLAH, o tempo de manipulação para 8 amostras diferentes é inferior a 2 minutos. Desenhados para a determinação automática do Flash Point de líquidos e amostras sólidas de acordo com ASTM D6450, D7094, D975, D396, D2880 e D3699.

  • Fully Automatic 8 Position Sampler
  • 4 minutes Manipulation Time for 8 Samples
  • Continuous Operation - up to 80 Samples per Day!
  • Complies with the latest flashpoint standard ASTM D 7094 - MCCCFP (Flash-Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup) and ASTM D6450 - CCCFP (Flash-Point by Continuously Closed Cup)
  • Excellent Correlation to ASTM D93, D56, ISO2719 (EN/DIN 22719), ISO13736, IP170
  • Maximum Safety through Ignition Protection Technology™: only 1-2 ml sample, no open flame, continuously closed cup, no offensive vapors in the lab
  • Approved by: US D.O.T. and RCRA
  • Approved by: NATO; 6630-25-145-3256, 6630-25-146-0895, 6630-01-534-1774 and the US NAVY - NSN: 6625-01-472-6783
  • Approved for Diesel Fuel and Kerosene specifications ASTM D975, D396, D2880, D3699
  • Approved for the ASTM specifications of recycled fuel and biodiesel
  • The world wide standard in the flavors and fragrances industry
  • The highest precision: details see below details (Precision data)
  • Short measuring time (depends on sample type) due to small sample volume of 1-2 ml
  • Fast thermoelectric temperature regulation by Peltier Protection Technology™
  • Easiest handling (instrument-user dialogue) and fast cleaning of the sample cup
  • Wide Measuring Range: 0 to 400°C (32 to 750°F)
  • Compact & portable for field use (car battery connector)
  • RS232 interface and MINIWIN software (for PC)

Printer, PC and MINIWIN recommended

Technical Data
Recommended Temperature Range

0 to 200°C (32 to 390°F)
10 to 400°C (50 to 750°F)
10 to 400°C (50 to 750°F)
Power requirements:
100/110/230 V AC 50/60 Hz, 150 W
Field application:
12 V/8A DC (vehicle battery)
W x H x D:
312 x 402 x 390 mm (12.3" x 15.8" x 15.3")

Precision Data
ASTM D6450
ASTM D7094

1.9°C (3.4°F)
3.8°C (6.8°F)
4.1°C (7.4°F)


3.1°C (5.6°F)
5.4°C (9.7°F)
6.9°C (12.4°F)


An aluminum cup (1) with a capacity of 7 ml and containing 2 mL of sample is resting in the sample cup holder. For the test, the sample cup is lifted to the temperature controlled oven (2), forming the test-chamber with a metal to metal seal. A thermocouple (3) is immersed into the sample to measure the temperature. The temperature of the oven is controlled by Peltier elements (4) and an air cooled heat sink (5). The vapor is ignited by a high voltage arc (6) inside the test-chamber. At the flash point, the pressure inside the sealed measuring chamber is increased significantly, which is detected by a built-in pressure transducer (7). A rotating magnet and a small magnet (8) inside the the sample cup provides stirring.

Continuous product development may make it necessary to change product specifications without notice.

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